Gender-based violence (GBV) refers to any type of harm that is perpetrated against a person or group of people because of their factual or perceived sex, gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. While physical and sexual violence may leave visible marks on the victims, but psychological, emotional, and economic abuse may often remain hidden.

ISST's intervention focuses on GBV in places of work, which could be inside or outside the house, with a two-fold approach. Firstly, we explore systemic violence beyond its physical aspects, such as limited opportunities, dispossession, invisibility, and symbolic violence perpetuated through media. This approach underscores the significance of studying intersectionality and intergenerational violence. Secondly, by addressing gender-based violence in workspaces, ISST challenges the artificial distinction between public and private domains, emphasizing that violence stems from unequal power dynamics and affects multiple aspects of survivor’s lives. 

Given that the history of work and expertise of ISST has been primarily focused on women's socio-cultural, political, and work-related vulnerabilities, we will, for now, continue to focus on women but will expand our reach to include trans women in our research, outreach, and intervention.