Madhu's Journey of Education and Transformation with the Saathi Centre


Madhu, a mother of two girls, has been associated with Saathi Centre since a young age, and has an inspiring story of perseverance and transformation. While one of her daughters has completed her graduation and the other is currently pursuing her degree, Madhu's journey has been filled with challenges due to her unsupportive husband and the financial strain caused by his job loss during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Determined to support her family economically, Madhu recognized the need to complete her 10th-grade education. Despite her husband's disapproval, Saathi Centre supported her in realizing her aspirations. With their guidance, she registered under the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to appear for her Class X exams.

Saathi Centre tried persuading her husband to support her, but their efforts proved futile as he considered it a "personal" matter and insisted they stay out of it. Furthermore, he restricted Madhu's activities to the confines of their home.

Recognizing the need to adapt their approach, the Saathi team shifted their focus to ensuring Madhu could study independently, rather than insisting she come to the centre for exam preparation. They supplied study materials to her home and assisted her in completing assignments and submitting them on her behalf. When her husband eventually secured a job, Madhu found the opportunity to step out of her home in his absence and visit the Saathi Centre. In 2021, she successfully passed her 10th-grade exams, and she recently appeared for her senior secondary exams, eagerly awaiting her results.

Apart from her educational pursuits, Madhu has also become an active member of a women's theatre group, showcasing her transformation. While she initially displayed hesitancy and fear when she first joined the center, a noticeable shift in her behaviour reflects a newfound sense of empowerment. She has developed the confidence to raise her voice, strategically approach her work, and live for herself.