FGTE 2.0: Facilitating Gender Transformative Evaluations (Early to Mid-career professionals-2024)


  • EVENT TYPES Online Course
  • TIME 12 PM
  • LOCATION Online (Google Classroom)

Exciting Opportunity for Early and Mid-Career evaluation and/or gender professionals!

Our FGTE course offers a comprehensive program designed to enhance your skills in gender and evaluation. Here’s what you’ll gain:

• An introduction to key concepts of gender and evaluation.
• Skills to apply a gender transformative lens in evaluations.
• Insight into feminist evaluation ethics and principles.
• Proficiency in using diverse frameworks and tools such as change matrix, outcome mapping, utilization-focused evaluation, and participatory tools.

To Download the Course brochure, Click here.

Who can apply?

•Participants residing in South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bhutan)

•Beginner to mid-level professionals with around 5 years of work experience

•Some past experience in project/program management/conducting monitoring & evaluation

•Familiarity with & use of Gender theories and concepts

•Proficiency in English (written, spoken & comprehension) will be required

•Willing to devote adequate time for the course and its requirements

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Here's the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mBSzpU6Bv2Qvg6F1_R3RR2_RxHQmxOu_SuoEX7krHRs/edit

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Duration: 10 weeks beginning from July 21st 2024 to 6th October 2024

Language: English

Course Fee: ISST will cover the full cost of the course for the selected participants

Application Open: June 14, 2024

Last date for application: 30th June 2024