At ISST, we are dedicated to bringing the gendered dimensions of work to the forefront. Through our four program pillars -  research, community outreach, evaluation, and capacity building, we strive to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities.

All donations to the organization contribute directly to our programs at ISST Saathi and the Yuva Saathi Centre. Your generosity fuels our mission to make a lasting impact by generating evidence-based knowledge and by improving the lives of individuals & communities. 

Ways to Donate

  • Online Transfers: Make a difference with just a click! You can contribute to ISST by making an online transfer to our Non-FCRA account. Every contribution counts! 

  • In-Kind Donations: Your support extends beyond monetary contributions whether it's books, sponsoring meals, providing stationery, or supporting construction and repair work. Every gesture makes a meaningful impact.

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