ISST, over its life, has engaged in a multitude of research work across a variety of themes ranging from women’s work, education, childcare, adolescents, governance, etc. With its in-depth understanding and unfolding of the issues and creation of evidence in the form of research reports, the organization has contributed to enabling the whole ecosystem towards some major policy interventions. While ISST itself has not engaged in advocacy, it has worked with numerous organizations to create evidence through its qualitative and quantitative research studies.


Ongoing studies

Study on Women Farmer’s Collectives

Seeks to unpack the meaning of feminist consciousness in the specific context of women farmers who are part of different collectives by studying how they consolidate their identity and agency through various strategies for collectivizing.

Sustaining Power: Women's Struggles against Contemporary Backlash in South Asia (SuPWR)

The Longitudinal study aims to generate empirical understanding on strategies and processes of the women’s movement in South Asia, in the face of backlash and counter-attacks from regressive social, political, and economic forces. The team is working alongside teams from other South Asian countries.

Gender Impact of Tourism on Lives and Livelihoods

The research, in collaboration with (Equations), explores how tourism sites assume the role of a work-space which interacts with the socio-economic, cultural and political lives of local communities.

Study on Informal Livelihoods in Circular Economy

The study aims to build evidence from the ground on informal livelihoods in the circular economy in Delhi city by documenting the valuable contribution of informal workers such as waste pickers, home-based workers and street vendors. 

Impact of Digitalisation of Work on Frontline Health Workers

The study aims to explore how frontline health workers, in particular, Asha’s stand to be affected by the adaptation & integration of digital innovation and technologies in their work, through a feminist lens.

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