ISST began its evaluation journey in the early 2010s. The collaboration with IDRC and Ford Foundation on developing the 4-year long project on Engendering Policy through Evaluation marked ISST’s presence in the field.  


Gender & Evaluation : An online community

Started in 2011 and hosted on the Ning platform. The community provides an open platform for its members to share, question and learn from each other through discussions, webinars, spaces to raise questions, etc. The community currently has 5200 members from across the globe. Sign Up and become a member today! 

3rd APEA Conference & Evalfest 2022

ISST proudly partnered with other evaluation groups to host the 3rd APEA Conference & Evalfest from 21st-25th February, 2022. The conference succeeded in bringing various YEE networks together on one platform with 110 participants attending the conference and sharing their experiences. The group of experts explored the appropriate steps in strengthening the evaluation ecosystem by consolidating youth energy and enthusiasm from the entire Asia Pacific region and beyond.

EvalFest 2024

ISST, in yet another attempt to take forwards Gender Transformative Evaluations will be partnering your other evaluation networks to host the next Evalfest scheduled on 21-24 February 2024. 

Evaluation Studies

• Report on Study to Assess the Impact on Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being of Students Across Schools in Delhi due to Closure of Schools on Account of Covid-19 and Shift to Online Education

• Monitoring and Evaluation study in collaboration with HomeNet South Asia