Financial and legal status


  • Legal Identity
  • Audit reports
  • FCRA

Legal Identity

Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST) is registered as a charitable trust via a Trust Deed Registration no. 923 dated February 15, 1980.

ISST is registered at Niti Aayog NGO Darpan portal (Unique ID: DL\/2017\/0152249).

ISST is registered under certificate of Income Tax Act, 1961. All donations to ISST are eligible for 50 percent tax deduction under section 80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

In recognition of its work, the organization has been conferred Special Consultative Status (II) with the Economic and Social Council of UN (UN ECOSOC). 

The organization has the ‘Equivalency Determination (ED)’ certificate (US)

Audit reports

ISST encourages transparency in all its actions. The organization gets its accounts audited annually through certified chartered accountants. The audit statements are presented in the meeting with the Board of Trustees for approval, post which other financial compliances are met.


Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST) has been an FCRA Compliant Organization since 1985. 

The Institute received the latest renewal cerificate on April 1, 2022 which is valid for five years.