ISST Library

ISST Library is one of the leading research libraries in gender studies. Setup in 1984, the library represents a wealth of knowledge and has provided academic and research suppport for almost 25 years to ISST researchers as well as to scholars, planners, students and development agencies from all over India.

The library boasts of about 5000 books, research reports, conference and seminar papers, journal articles and other publications in the field of gender studies.

The Institute's repository has been developed on an open source software, DSPACE, which preserves digital content and enables easy and open access to it. The library digitized all of ISST's published research, as well as unpublished reports, working papers, policy briefs and annual reports. It continuosly invests in populating the repository, ensuring that the research output of the institute is available for easy reference and study in the future.

The library also uses KOHA software to maintain all  resources hosted in the Cloud with the latest updated version. Under KOHA, the library resources are cataloged for easier and faster identification by users. 



1. Newspaper clippings and Current Awareness Service fortnightly which provides regular summation of articles from various newspapers and gender-based journals to around 400 recipients including ISST staff and partner researchers.

2. Current Journals Content Service is available quarterly, compiled from 12 to 15 gender-based hournals on gender related issues and allied subjects.

3. Inter-library loans from other organizations to the staff members of ISST

4. Reference and Information dissemination to users, both within and outside ISST.

5. New Arrivals in the Library with Abatract - the list highlists the bibliographical details and document summary.

6. Generating Creative Commons license for the usage of ISST publications in terms of the right to share, use and build upon the work created by us.


The library is open for everyone from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 5 pm. For any library related information, please write to us at



Fortnightly Newspaper Clippings and CAS


December, 2023

Newspaper Clippings (Dec 4 - Dec 17, 2023)


Newspaper Clippings (Dec 18 - Dec 31, 2023)


November, 2023

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Newspaper Clippings (Nov 20 - Dec 3, 2023)

October, 2023

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Newspaper Clippings (Oct 23 - Nov 5, 2023)


Current Journals Service with Abstract

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