Kaushal's Journey of Resilience and Creativity


Kaushal, a resident of Kalyanpuri, came from a financially modest background and had always faced challenges in maintaining a balance in life.

He has been a part of the Saathi Centre for the past 10 years, which played a crucial role in his life during times of adversity and helped things fall back into place. At a young age, Kaushal had to shoulder the responsibility for his family's well-being when his father, the sole breadwinner for their family of six, had to quit work due to multiple illnesses.

With no other options, Kaushal and his elder brother, as the boys in the family, had to take up the task of earning a living. The immense pressure of education and the divided gender roles within the family took a toll on him, resulting in a brain tumor diagnosis that had a detrimental impact on his memory and overall life. However, the Saathi Centre served as a sanctuary for the 15-year-old, providing a safe space that kept him going.

Kaushal actively participated in remedial classes, vocational courses, and various creative activities at the center. He emphasized that thanks to the Saathi Centre, he had exposure to a wide range of experiences such as event management and, most significantly, theatre, which would have been inaccessible to anyone else in Kalyanpuri. In 2018, at the age of 16, when he was struggling to focus on numerous aspects of his life, including his health and family, he developed a strong interest in learning new things, particularly theatre. Through multiple theatre sessions and the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences, he gained confidence in expressing his thoughts. Despite initially struggling to remember lines during rehearsals, due to his illness, he discovered techniques to stay focused and developed a mnemonic system by associating lines with objects around him. Presently, he runs a tea stall and pursues his hobby by working with a theatre company in Delhi. Theatre provides him with an escape from stress and allows him to delve deeper into the lives of characters, improving his concentration and understanding of life. Initially, his family resisted his involvement in theatre, but witnessing his growth and improvement, they now support his endeavors. Today, Kaushal feels incredibly fortunate to be associated with the Saathi Centre, a place that exposed him to endless possibilities for a better future. He found a mentor and, as the name suggests, a true companion at the Saathi Centre.